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Richmond Rovers receive Defibrillator from Ciaran's Cause

Ciarans Cause Presentation


Richmond Rovers were pleased to receive the gift of a Defibrillator from Ciaran's Cause.

Pictured is the presentation when representatives of the club, Chris Grossmith ,Paul Will and Ian Waller were presented with the unit at Cheshire FA headquarters from a local charity Ciaran’s Cause. Please visit for more information as this is a very worthy cause.

One of these cost £1200 so we were very pleased to be selected to receive one which came about due to our Community Charter Standard Status.

We have now run two in house workshops for CPR refresher and Defibrillator training with over 35 volunteers attending this was organized by Chris Grossmith and run by Paul Will and Ian Waller .

The Defibrillator  is going to be placed at Vernon School on an outside wall near the playing  fields  for use of all so we have had to purchase a special Key coded heated  box to store it in  Vernon School have kindly paid half of the cost of the same which was over £700 , this once in place will be registered with the emergency services and will be available for public use if required.

As a club we are looking at running fundraising events so we can buy a second unit which would be placed at our Norbury facility.